Top Management Manifestation of Commitment and Support for Hospital Risk Management System

The commitment and support should be manifested in writing and renewed as often as needed.

Below is a sample of a manifestation of commitment and support for hospital risk management system.

Manifestation of Commitment and Support by Governing Body and Top Management on Establishment and Development of ROJHMC Risk Management System

Risk is any uncertainty that, if it occurs, could have a positive or negative effect on the achievement of one or more goals and objectives of the hospital.

All activities in a hospital involve risk.

Thus, in view of the necessity for ROJHMC

– to manage effectively the risks of uncertainties in all its activities;

– to ensure that ROJHMC is able to determine the factors that could cause its processes and its quality and safety management system to deviate from the planned results and then to put in place preventive controls to minimize negative effects and to make maximum use of opportunities; and 

– to comply with Philippine statutory and regulatory requirements as well as international standards on hospital Risk Management System,

the undersigned representing the governing body and top management of ROJHMC hereby wholeheartedly commit to lead and to provide support in establishing and developing Risk Management System or Program in ROJHMC starting January 24, 2018.

We also hereby authorize the ROJHMC Task Team on Risk Management System to administer the program.

This Manifestation of Commitment and Support by the governing and top management by ROJHMC shall be renewed every three (3) years.





Chair, ROJHMC Board of Directors President, ROJHMC Hospital Director, ROJHMC
Date: Date: Date:



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