An Introductory to ROJHMC – Hospital Design and Operations Manual

Introductory on ROJHMC
ROJHMC stands for Reynaldo O. Joson Hospital and Medical Center.
This is a fictitious 100-bed capacity private level 2 general hospital and medical center that I, Dr. Reynaldo O. Joson, will use in designing and developing a governance and operations manual that can be used as a guide or template by hospitals and medical centers in the Philippines.
At this writing (2018), there are a lot of private hospitals and medical centers being constructed in the Philippines.  Everybody knows it is not easy to design and develop a hospital or medical center.
At this writing (January 24, 2018), I will be 69 years old in one week’s time (January 31, 2018) and will be 70 years old in one year’s time (my first count-down in life), and at the start of the year (January 1, 2018), I made a resolution to start 4 new projects for the next 5 years (up to 75 years old – my second count-down in life).  These 4 projects are (as published in

– 100-Bed Level 2, Private General Hospital Design and Operations Manual
– Medical Curriculum Enhancement
– Options for Medical Management – Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures
– Clinical Research

Thus, this ROJHMC 100-Bed Level 2 Private General Hospital Design and Operations Manual.

I intend this Manual to be another one of my legacies to the Filipino people and to hospital administrators.
Why “hospital and medical center” in the name?  Why not just “medical center”?
Strictly speaking, “hospital” and “medical center” are the same and can be used synonymously although “medical center” has the connotation of bigger and being sophisticated. The Philippine Department of Health has these definitions:

DOH Definitions of Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospital – a place devoted primarily to the maintenance and operation of health facilities for the diagnosis, treatment and care of individuals suffering from illness, disease, injury, or deformity or in need of obstetrical or other surgical, medical and nursing care. It shall be construed as any institution, building, or place where there are installed beds, cribs, or bassinets for 24-hour use or longer for patients in the treatment of diseases.

Medical Center- a hospital staffed and equipped to care for many patients and for a large number of kinds of diseases and dysfunctions using modern technology.

I purposely included “hospital” in the name of ROJHMC because “hospital” is more commonly used in the Philippines than “medical center” and is readily understood by the laypeople. Second, when I write the manual, particularly the operations part, I foresee it will be easier and shorter to use and write the term “hospital” than “medical center” (of course, with the caveat that these two terms will be used interchangeably).  For example, hospital quality management system instead of medical center quality management system; hospital infection rate instead of medical center infection rate; hospital financial management system instead of medical center financial management system; etc.  If I use “ROJMC,” I feel obliged to use “medical center” all the time and have to refrain from using “hospital” even when it is easier to use “hospital.”
ROJHMC, therefore, is a fictitious 100-bed capacity private level 2 general hospital and medical center. Furthermore, the context is that it is located in a Philippine urban community with modern amenities (as of 2018).  At the moment, there will be no specification as to the population and distribution of socioeconomic strata of the catchment community.


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