Management of Medical Sharps Wastes in Clinics

Medical sharps wastes like needles and blades should be placed immediately after use in appropriate puncture-resistant containers.

This is to avoid medical sharp injuries to the medical staff as well as to people disposing the sharp wastes.

In my clinic, I use this kind of recycled puncture-resistant containers to dispose of the used needles and blades.  Such a practice is in conformity with the requirements of PhilHealth Benchbook and other international health care standards.



PhilHealth Benchbook Standards:

There are programs for prevention and treatment of injuries from sharps and needles.

a. Policies and procedures for the safe disposal of used sharps and needles comply with national laws and technical requirements.

b. Sharps and needles are segregated and disposed according to regulatory and infection control standards.

c. Injuries from sharps and needles are monitored.

d. Staff are trained in preventing and treating injuries from sharps and needles.

Joint Commission International Standards:

The hospital implements practices for safe handling and disposal of sharps and needles.

1. The hospital identifies and implements practices to reduce the risk of injury and infection from the handling and management of sharps and needles.
2. Sharps and needles are collected in dedicated, closable, puncture-proof, leakproof containers that are not reused.
3. The hospital disposes of sharps and needles safely or contracts with sources that ensure the proper disposal of sharps containers in dedicated hazardous waste sites or as determined by national laws and regulations.


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