Patient Rights and Responsibilities – ROJMC – 2017

At ROJMC, our goal is to provide quality and safe health care to every patient.

ROJMC has formulated a set of essential (but not exclusive) patient rights and responsibilities to facilitate patient care partnership and promote patient experience.  These shall be observed for and by all patients regardless of race, culture, religion, age, sex, and socioeconomic status.

Patient rights include those actions on the part of the ROJMC that are needed to protect the basic rights of patients so that they can be provided with quality and safe health care services.

Patient responsibilities include those actions on the part of patients that are needed so that healthcare providers can provide appropriate care, make accurate and responsible care decisions, address patients’ needs, and maintain a sound and viable health care facility.

All patients have the right to:

  • Quality and safe health care in accordance with generally approved medical principles
  • Respect and dignity without discrimination
  • Participation in care decisions
  • Informed consent and informed refusal without prejudice to continuing health care
  • Second opinion from alternate health care professionals of choice
  • Privacy and confidentiality of personal information subject to applicable laws
  • Availment of benefits and privileges in accordance with government regulations
  • Complaint about the care and services provided without fear of reprisal

All patients while availing services are responsible to:

  • Provide the hospital with truthful and complete information
  • Heed hospital rules and regulations, particularly those affecting patient care, safety and conduct
  • Be active partner in regaining and maintaining health
  • Promptly settling financial obligations
  • Comply and submit documents necessary to avail of benefits (e.g., PhilHealth, Senior Citizen, Person with Disability discounts, letters of authorization for HMO and corporate account members)
  • Actively help ROJMC improve quality and safe patient care through feedback with recommendations

ROJMC shall provide general guidelines in Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to promote protection of patient rights and to assist patients in fulfilling their responsibilities.



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