How to Make Vision, Mission, Goal and Objective Statements


– statement of overall and continuing ends to be accomplished and for  which available resources will be used

-the ideal purpose or reason why the organization exists

– a dream that the organization ardently wishes to attain

– gives the direction 


  1. abstract
  2. permanent
  3. timeless
  4. always in the process of being attained

How VISION is formulated:


  1. in a noun phrase
  2. in view of the receiver
  3. does not include problem
  4. states the ideal-end result





– pledge, solemn promise or vow or a commitment to live certain values, beliefs, conviction, or lifestyle to come closer to the vision    

– ideals for ourselves 


  1. abstract/general
  2. changes as needs change 

How MISSION is formulated:

     either noun phrase or infinitive verb





– specific thrust or emphasis that an organization takes within a particular time and space in order to live its mission and thus   eventually attain its vision

– based on root-cause problem and priority needs

How GOAL is formulated:

           start with TO …………




– target results which the organization seeks to attain to realize goal 

– expressed in measurable and concrete forms


Notes from yesteryears – still apt



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