Call for Project Coordinator – DOH Earthquake Business Continuity Plan

Development of DOH Central Office Earthquake Business Continuity Plan (“The Big One”) as First Phase of DOH Contingency Planning

Call for Applicants: PROJECT COORDINATOR


General Objectives

To produce an Earthquake business continuity plan for the Department of Health Central Office that will be used as a guide in the response during the actual event. This plan should be compatible with the future setup of an Earthquake Contingency Plan for the health sector for Metro Manila.

Specific Objectives

  1. To identify the mandate and critical aspect of an organization, rank the order of priority of services for continuous delivery or rapid recovery; and identify internal and external impacts of disruptions during emergency;
  2. To assess the DOH Central Office’s preparedness and current strategies in ensuring continued operations after a major earthquake;
  3. To unanimously agree on policies and guidelines that shall govern the overall management and response of the department;
  4. To establish a mechanism that will ensure readiness of the department to manage and respond based on the scenario;
  5. To project needs and identify gaps that shall be the basis for the business continuity plan addressing the disaster and actions that need to be taken (by heads of offices, bureaus, and divisions);
  6. To ensure tasks and responsibilities are identified and shared by the offices, bureaus, and divisions that need to remain operational after a disaster;
  7. To determine a planning committee that shall be responsible in ensuring finalization and completion of the business continuity plan based on the agreed timelines;
  8. To create a mechanism where the said business continuity plan can be updated in the future to adapt to certain developments, opportunities, and other changes, including the shift in employee lineup; and
  9. To create business continuity plan that is compatible with future policies that will be the Health Sector Metro Manila Earthquake Contingency Plan.


To ensure smooth implementation of this project, a Project Coordinator will be hired for the following tasks:

  1. Facilitate implementation of all steps of the project under the guidance of the Project Lead/ Proponent;
  2. Coordinate and attend meetings and discussions between Project Team, DOH-HEMB, WHO Philippines EHA and other relevant officers;
  3. Conduct literature search and desk reviews on BCP, disasters/ emergencies, risk management, safe hospitals and similar topics;
  4. Store and manage all information related to the project;
  5. Coordinate and support possible FGDs and key informant interviews with experts and DOH officials;
  6. Facilitate support for the BCP workshop e.g. drafting of invitations, communications, coordination with HEMB staff, hiring of documenters, etc.; and
  7. Any other tasks approved by the Project Lead upon request of DOH-HEMB and WHO Philippines.



  1. Graduate of medicine, public health or nursing
  2. At least one year experience in government or NGO projects related to project management, trainings and meetings
  3. Desired: Two years of government work at the national or field levels, Master’s degree in public health or management, experience in disasters/ emergencies
  4. Essential knowledge and skills: Public health, health emergencies/ disasters, government structure, events/ meeting management, leadership, coordination, research, communication and technical writing
  5. Essential attitudes: Willing to learn, can work with high level government officials and middle managers, open minded, innovative and understands the importance of different perspectives


Project area: Manila based


Project duration: 1 November to 21 December 2015


Deadline of submission: On or before 30 October 2015

Send CV to Dr Lester S A Geroy,

For more details and other inquiries, also send email to, preferably on 29 October 2015


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