Medical Arts Building, Center, Tower and Doctors’ Clinics

Medical Arts Building is the most commonly used name of a medical office building as compared to Medical Arts Center and Medical Arts Tower.

There is usually a Medical Arts Building (MAB) located within a hospital or medical center.

It is an office building that usually houses the clinics of physicians affiliated with the hospital or medical center.  At times, it may include some specialized diagnostic and therapeutics clinics and a pharmacy.  The MAB usually operates on an ambulatory basis, meaning offering only outpatient services and during a declared day-time schedule and not 24/7.

At this writing, I am still unable to find the history and the background for the use of the phrase “Medical Arts” for the building.   My thoughts and perceptions are that “Medical Arts Building” is used to describe a building where the art of medicine (inclusive of science of course) is being practiced and the practitioners are the physicians.   Based on the usual purpose of the building, which is to house affiliated physicians practicing medicine in the hospital or medical center complex, the building may very well be called Doctors’ Clinics or Offices (which is commonly used and easily understood in the Philippines) or Physicians’ Clinics or Offices.  “Medical Arts Building” is more “classy” to use than Doctors’ Clinics.


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