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Patient Safety Program and Safe Hospital Initiative in a Medical Center

In the administration of a hospital or a medical center, one will encounter these two phrases, namely, patient safety program and safe hospital initiative.  Questions are: 1) Are they the same? 2) If not, what are the differences? 3) Do … Continue reading

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In-Patient Hospital Beds – Definition and Clarifications

I need some clarifications on the definition of in-patient hospital beds in the Philippines.  I hope Atty. Lutero of the DOH Bureau of Health Facilities and Services can help me.  Dr. Rey

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Catchment Communities of Hospitals and Medical Centers – PH DOH CON – 2006

In the document of PH DOH Certificate of Needs (2006), there are these statements on catchment communities: * Primary Catchment Area refers to the municipality/urban district for Level 1 Hospitals, rural district/city for Level 2 Hospitals, province for Level 3 Hospitals, … Continue reading

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Annual Hospital Statistical Report – PH DOH – 2014Jan7

annex_e_hospital_stat_report_revised_7jan2014 ANNUAL HOSPITAL STATISTICAL REPORT YEAR __________     Name of Hospital: _____________________________________________ Street Address: _____________________________________ Municipality: __________________   Province ______________ Region: ______________________________ Contact No.: __________________________________ Fax Number:__________________________________ Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ (PLEASE FILL OUT ALL ITEMS.  PUT N/A IF NOT APPLICABLE.) … Continue reading

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Definition of a Hospital (by DOH)

Definition of a Hospital (by DOH) Hospital – a place devoted primarily to the maintenance and operation of health facilities for the diagnosis, treatment and care of individuals suffering from illness, disease, injury, or deformity or in need of obstetrical … Continue reading

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Hospital Financial Sustainability Model – ROJoson

Hospital Financial Sustainability Model – ROJoson – 2004; updated – 2015 January 9

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Strategies to Promote Social Responsiveness of a Private Medical Center

Strategies to Promote Social Responsiveness of a Private Medical Center Goal:  Private Medical Center with Social Consciousness and Responsiveness An appropriate income to sustain the medical center, its goals and operations. With funds to help needy patients Help a city … Continue reading

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