Medical Centers and Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Medical Centers and Hospitals and Medical Clinics

“Medical centers” and “hospitals” can be used interchangeably if they mean the same thing, that is, institutions offering health care services with outpatient and inpatient facilities.

“Medical centers” differs from “hospitals” in that the former has a more specific description on the nature of the institution, that is, offering medical services.

“Medical centers” and “hospitals” can be for human beings and for non-human beings (animals).  In the Philippines, most, if not all, of the “medical centers” and “hospitals” are for human beings.  For animals, the names being used are usually “animal hospitals” and “veterinary clinics.”

Although both “medical centers” and “medical clinics” offer health and medical services, in current practice in the Philippines, the former are more extensive in terms of services offered and physical structure and facility.  Also, “medical clinics” usually do not have extensive inpatient services and facility.



DOH Definitions of Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospital – a place devoted primarily to the maintenance and operation of health facilities for the diagnosis, treatment and care of individuals suffering from illness, disease, injury, or deformity or in need of obstetrical or other surgical, medical and nursing care.  It shall be construed as any institution, building, or place where there are installed beds, cribs, or bassinets for 24-hour use or longer for patients in the treatment of diseases.

Medical Center- a hospital staffed and equipped to care for many patients and for a large number of kinds of diseases and dysfunctions using modern technology.

Medical clinic or outpatient clinic refers to a facility where medicine, medical / dental examination / treatment is dispensed but without inpatient beds.


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