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I wrote this for the Sri Lanka Safe Hospital Initiative OCIL Group on October 8, 2014.


OLETE stands for Online Learning cum Evaluation Test Exercise.  Basically, OLETE is an online test and/or exercise that has for its objectives the simultaneous promotion of learning and evaluation of the learners or students. Between the two objectives, promotion of learning is intended to be more important in my design for the OLETE.  The evaluation is intended to be more of a self-evaluation of the student to reinforce his learning.  Although the teacher-facilitator can use the OLETE to evaluate the pretest competency status (as will be reflected in the first attempt) and achievement in the subsequent attempts of the students, it is not the intention in the design of the OLETE to identify which students to flank or which to recognize.  The goal is that all the students get the perfect score at the end of the OLETE which in turn assumes that they all have achieved the learning objectives using the test and/or exercise as the evaluation tool.

Over the years, I have been trying to find an efficient way of education for all staff of a hospital or of a class.  I thought of OLETE in July 2011 and then concretized the concept in July 2012 when I used it in Manila Doctors Hospital when I conducted a seminar on crisis communication management.  In September 2012, I used OLETE for Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, another hospital I am helping.  I used it in the National Training Course for Safe Hospitals in Sri Lanka on September 22 to 24, 2014.   I will continue to use it using an Internet freeware (currently I am using QuizStar).

I personally think the OLETE offers an efficient educational strategy in organizations and hospitals in which one can be confident, if not assured, of learning of all staff with minimal cost and loss of time from services.

Here are the rationales of the OLETE:

  • There is active learning just by answering the questions in the test and/or doing the exercise.
  • There is enhancement or reinforcement of learning by repeating the test and/orexercise until a perfect score is attained.
  • Simultaneously, there is evaluation of baseline knowledge and subsequent ones.
  • All the abovementioned activities are done online for efficiency purpose – quick feedback on the correct answers and quick knowledge of results of the test and/or exercise.

There are several advantages of the OLETE over a traditional paper-and-pen test and /or exercise.

  • Lesser cost – no paper and ink expenses; lesser human resource needed for checking the test and /or exercise.
  • Minimal loss of time from services (of hospital staff who need to man the posts) as they can take the OLETE during off-duty hours.
  • Ensure that all students achieve all the intended learning objectives through a perfect score. In the traditional testing method, the teacher-facilitator usually does not have a good follow-up on the items which were not correctly answered by the students.
  • Can facilitate the re-certification processes (can be used again with some modification if needed as a re-certification test after 2 to 3 years).
  • Ease of documentation and archiving of the test and /or exercise and its results.

For all the reasons that I presented above, I am advocating the use of OLETE as an educational strategy in organizations and hospitals to ensure maximal and efficient learning of all staff in the knowledge domain.  The OLETE is not designed for learning cum evaluation of skill competency. However, it can complement the skill learning and evaluation if formulated in the style of a “table-top exercise.”As I write and share my thoughts, perceptions, opinions and recommendations (TPORs) above, I have in mind you as trainers and educators like me, now and in the near future.  All trainers and educators should have strategies for promoting learning as well as evaluation of their students.  My current strategy is OLETE which I plan to develop in the next 10 years.  Can I have feedback and comments from the group on my TPORs?  Remember our group is an Online Collaborative and Interactive Learning Group (OCIL)?  Thank you. Dr Rey


Dear Dr Rey

I totally agree with you. OLETE is a wonderful tool for both trainers and trainees.

Apart from safe hospitals I am learning new things though this forum. I intend to use this tool for my future training purposes in the health sector as a trainer.



Lalindra Kuruppu

BH Wathupitiwala



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