Baldrige, Philippine Quality Award, ROJoson, and UP-CPH Master in Hospital Administration Students

I have been a lecturer for the Master in Hospital Administration students of the University of the Philippines College of Public Health since 1993.  I usually lecture on management of Emergency Room, Department of Surgery, and Operating Room. However, starting 2011, I have been lecturing on diverse topics like best management practices, financial viability and sustainability, hospital accreditation, online collaborative interactive learning, etc.

I vividly remember that starting 2011, I have been advocating to the MHA students the use of Baldrige Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence or its equivalent in the Philippines, the Philippine Quality Award, for performance improvement.  I have been including Baldrige and PQA in my lectures particularly in my lectures on best management practices and hospital accreditation.  I also would tell my students that I am personally into it learning first hand and trying to help hospitals get the Philippine Quality Awards.

Last March 20, 2014, a hospital that I helped, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, was conferred a a Philippine Quality Award, the first hospital in the Philippines to get this award.  See pictures below.

Now that my advocacy, learning, and coaching have borne fruit, a hospital conferred with the first Philippine Quality Award, I now feel more confident in advocating and teaching, not only to the Masteral students in Hospital Administration of CPH and but also to other hospital administrators in the Philippines who want to use Baldrige or PQA for its journey towards excellence.

Dr. Rey



Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ) is owned by Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital, Inc.

cmz_pqa_conferment_14mar20 (18)

CMZ Medical Director Dr. Filipinas Rojo and CEO Atty. Jhihann Natividad receiving the PQA Trophy from the President of the Philippines.


CMZ Chairman Edwin To and President Joven Monsanto (Board) and key officers.

cmz_pqa_conferment_14mar20 (52)

The fruit of my advocacy, learning, and mentorship, an opportunity and privilege to touch and carry the CMZ’s PQA Trophy by Orlina.

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