Integrity Initiative – ROJoson’s Notes

Integrity Initiative – ROJoson’s Notes

Facebook: IntegrityInitiative


Is a private sector led movement to fight against graft and corruption in various levels of society, primarily in the private sector.


The Integrity Initiative is a multisectoral campaign towards the re-establishment of acceptable integrity standards among various sectors of society – business, government, judiciary, academe, youth, civil society, church and media. Led by the private sector, the initiative aims to help in diminishing, if not fully eradicating, the vicious cycle of corruption in the Philippines which has not only exacerbated poverty but has likewise obstructed the development of a competitive business environment that operates on a level playing field.

The Integrity Compliance Handbook

Self-assessment tool

Unified Code of  Conduct for Business

Integrity Pledge

Integrity Compliance Framework

Ethical Practices Institutionalized Among Companies


I recommend all hospitals join this initiative.

I recommend all hospitals get inputs on how to establish and develop their ethical framework.


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