Communication Management System in a Hospital

Communication Management System in a Hospital  

Design and Development Blueprint

Reynaldo O. Joson, MD

January 14, 2014


Communication is the imparting or exchange of information between a sender and a receiver.  It is a two way process aimed at mutual understanding of the information being imparted or exchanged.  However, in the ultimate analysis, it is the end or terminal objectives of the communication that count, whether they are achieved or not.  The terminal objectives of communication are usually information-learning addition, ideally to be accompanied by appropriate action and usage on the part of both the sender and the receiver, either for their own benefit or for the benefit of the other people or for an organization.
System is a set of interrelated or interacting elements. (Reference: ISO 9000:2000)

Management system is a system to establish policy and objectives and to achieve those objectives.  (Reference: ISO 9000:2000)

Communication management system in an organization is the management system to direct and control an organization with regard to communication. (Derived from ISO 9000:2000)

Hospital is an institution offering health services with emergency room services, inpatient and outpatient services.

Department refers to any unit within the hospital, which can be an office, a division, a department, a section or a committee.

Corporate means hospital-wide.

Internal communication is a communication between individuals and groups involved in the internal workings of the hospital.  The communication involves the leaders and personnel of the hospital.

External communication is a communication between individuals and groups in the hospital and those external to or outside the hospital.

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