Stefan Larsson: What doctors can learn from each other

Stefan Larsson: What doctors can learn from each other

Value-based Health Care

Different hospitals produce different results on different procedures. Only, patients don’t know that data, making choosing a surgeon a high-stakes guessing game. Stefan Larsson looks at what happens when doctors measure and share their outcomes on hip replacement surgery, for example, to see which techniques are proving the most effective. Could health care get better — and cheaper — if doctors learn from each other in a continuous feedback loop? (Filmed at TED@BCG.)


At BCG, we looked at this, and we asked ourselves, this can’t be the right way of managing healthcare. And so we took a step back and we said, “What is it that we are trying to achieve?” Ultimately, in the healthcare system, we’re aiming at improving health for the patients, and we need to do so at a limited, or affordable, cost. We call this value-based healthcare. On the screen behind me, you see what we mean by value: outcomes that matter to patients relative to the money we spend. This was described beautifully in a book in 2006 by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg.

By measuring value in healthcare, that is not only costs but outcomes that matter to patients, we will make staff in hospitals and elsewhere in the healthcare system not a problem but an important part of the solution. I believe measuring value in healthcare will bring about a revolution, and I’m convinced that the founder of modern medicine, the Greek Hippocrates, who always put the patient at the center, he would smile in his grave.


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