Experiential Learning Sessions on Execution Skills Development

MDH Execution Skills Development Workshop 

The MDH Execution Skills Development Workshop can be classified and can qualify under the MDH Experiential Learning Sessions proposed by Dr. Reynaldo Joson. 

Although it was conducted in January 13, 2007 (the MDH Experiential Learning Sessions was only approved in November 11, 2007), the module contains a written learning plan; documented attendance; and presence of evaluation (practicum output and observation).

Below is an excerpt from the post-module report prepared by Dr. Joson on January 15, 2007:

“At the end of the workshop, it was agreed there will be a follow-through.  All the participants will finalize their business / action plans and Gantt charts and then execute their plans.  At the end of an agreed upon application period (either end-of-year or end-of-project), each manager-participant, using the Successful Execution Skills Framework, learned through the workshop, must be able to demonstrate systematic, adequate and successful usage of the Framework with objective outcomes (in terms of achievement of pre-specified performance targets for the units / programs / projects).”

Dr. Reynaldo Joson with the approval of the Hospital Director, who was the co-facilitator, told the participants they will receive a certificate of completion after they have demonstrated application of what they have learned in the module (presentation of a business plan in the form of a Gantt Chart and results of implementation or execution).




As a manager- participant of the workshop, I was able to demonstrate the usage of the MDH Successful Execution Skills Development Framework in the actual planning, implementation and evaluation of the CBHP workshop for the Department of Family and Community Medicine for this year.  The workshop was conducted this December 5-6, 2007.  Based on the actual feedback of the participants, the execution of the workshop was a success.  Consequently, the department was able to attain one of its performance targets for the year.  Although the actual exercise was very complex and tedious, I feel the knowledge and skills I learned as a participant of the MDH Successful Execution Skills Development workshop contributed immensely to the achievement of the objectives.  These included the formulation of the action plan, Gantt chart for the project, daily plan for the two-day workshop, implementation plan as well as evaluation plan with indicators of successful execution.  I suggest that this skills development workshop be held again this coming year such that a greater number of participants can benefit from it.




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