“Leading the Way” as a Tagline

“Leading the Way” as a Tagline

Posted on November 23, 2012 

November 22, 2012, when I was having breakfast in MDH after an operation, I came across a tagline in a Tempura box that started with “Leading the way.”    This caught my attention because it jibed with the taglines that I have recommended for two hospitals that I have helped in their strategic planning conferences.  In programs or projects that will run for 3 years, I have suggested the following taglines, namely, “laying down the foundation” in the first year; “strengthening” in the second year; and “leading the way” in the third year.  Seeing another organization (Tempura) using the same tagline of “leading the way” that I have thought of as early as 2009 (reinforced and supported by Dr. Manuel Villegas in 2011 and Mr. Edwin To in 2012) [honestly, I was NOT aware of Tempura using the same tagline before I saw the box] added confidence in my recommendations in the strategic planning conferences that I have been facilitating.


  • Laying down the foundation for a learning organization.
  • Strengthening the program for a learning organization.
  • Leading the way in learning organization.


  • Laying down the foundation for a system perspective in governance.
  • Strengthening the program for a  system perspective in governance.
  • Leading the way in system perspective in governance.


  • Laying down the foundation for integrated value-based healthcare delivery services.
  • Strengthening integrated value-based healthcare delivery services.
  • Leading the way in  integrated value-based healthcare delivery services.


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3 Responses to “Leading the Way” as a Tagline

  1. Marianne Mananzan says:

    I just came across your blog as I was searching for additional materials and data on hospital administration in the Philippines. I am Maan Mananzan, a local governance specialist and a “health economist” currently working as an Executive Assistant in a 1st class municipality in Luzon. We are currently constructing a 25-bed level 2 (old classification) municipal hospital funded from a loan with the Municipal Development Fund Office. We hope to have the hospital operational by March 2013 and we are now on the look out for a CHief of Hospital and also trying to start the system so that we are able to get a DOH license ASAP. I have read some of your blogs and really learned from it. Thank you and hope there will be a chance to meet with you and if you would want to expand your community service by providing us with your wisdom as we start our hospital. Thank you!

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