Crisis Communication Management Seminar – MDH – July 23, 2012

Crisis Communication Management Seminar – MDH – July 23, 2012

Posted on July 25, 2012

Crisis Communication Management Seminar (Emergency-Disaster-Crisis Communication Management Seminar)  – MDH – July 23, 2012

Last July 23, 2012, from 9 to 12, Ms. Barbie Soliven and I conducted and facilitated the seminar to a group of 46 senior and middle managers.

Below are some pictures and feedback.

My personal feedback:

1. I thank all the participants who persevered with me in learning crisis communication management in a hospital setting and who accepted my thoughts, perceptions, opinions and recommendations on crisis communication management (I presented quite a number of new concepts and procedures which I think would be applicable to a hospital setting, specifically, in Manila Doctors Hospital.)

2. I thank all the participants who appreciated the online quiz that I introduced.

3.  This is the first time that I formulated my TPORs on crisis communication management.   I thanked Barbie for the challenge and  for assisting me in facilitating.

I will post digital slides used in the seminar in my subsequent blogs.

Dr. Rey


Feedback from Participants:

Important learning during the seminar:

•7 Basic Essential Steps in responding on EDC
•Do’s and don’ts on handling EDC
•Flowchart on handling EDC
•Persons to know in-charge in case EDC arise
•Information confidentiality
•Formulation of data to information and news
•Incident and eventual commander
•How to handle media people during crisis
•Strategic plan for crisis communication management
•Preserving business continuity and sustainability
•How to relay data to superiors with confidentiality
•To enhance communication relationship within other units especially during EDC
Strengths in the seminar:
•Program Planning of Emergency-Disaster-Crisis Communication Management Program
•All topics were interesting and applicable in every department
•EDC-CMP framework and goal
•On-line testing is a good way of having a pre-test
•Very informative
•Very open when it comes to questions
•New style in lecturing
•Very applicable and high sustainable
Weaknesses in the seminar:
•A need for laptop was not cascading to all the participants
•Some slides were not elaborated well
Evaluation on Program: 
Evaluation on Facilitator (ROJ):
Showing partial results of online quiz (pretest).
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