What’s Up, Doc?: Delivering Service Excellence in Health Industry – June 22, 2012, Ateneo Professional Schools – ROJ Initial Preparations

What’s up, Doc?: Delivering Service Excellence in Health Industry [ROJ’s Initial Preparations]

June 22, 2012; 6 – 9 pm

Ateneo Professional Schools Auditorium
Rockwell, Makati

Time Allotment: 30 minutes

Audience: 300

MBA students from all the programs of Ateneo, namely, Standard, Middle Manager, and Regis.

Medical students from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health


Dr. Reynaldo Joson – Senior Vice-President for Corporate Affairs, Manila Doctors Hospital

Dr. Jose Acuin – Director of Medical Quality Improvement in The Medical

Ms. Joyce Socao-Alumno – CEO, HIM Communications, Inc.

Websites of Forum: www.agsbhealthforum.wordpress.com

Objectives set by the organizers:

To provide a venue for medical and business students, practitioners, and guests to engage in healthy discussions on the said topic.

It is also part of the objective that the audience will be able to bring to their workplaces the relevant insights that they will get from the forum.

The primary objective of this forum is to provide awareness and information on the “What, How and Why’s” of providing Quality Service in the Health industry.

The forum will center on the service excellence in medical/ health industry.

Instructions for ROJoson on where to focus:

Being in the practice of medicine and a leader in your organization, we would be interested to know how excellence is manifested in a hospital setting.

Below are the topics we are looking forward to discussing.

  1. How do you demonstrate excellence in hospitals?
    1. Share how your company/ team practices service excellence.
    2. Describe organization’s operating environment and key relationships with patients and stakeholders, suppliers and partners.
    3. What are the strategic challenges and advantages that you have encountered in your system?
  2. What is the regulatory environment under which your organization operates? Particularly, is there a criteria for performance excellence? How is it measured?
  3. How do senior leaders communicate with the workforce to encourage performance? How does your organization ensure legal and ethical behavior?
  4. How do you consider the well being of the society as part of your strategy to deliver excellent service?
  5. Is there a particular strategy that the organization creates in pursuit of service excellence?  How is it implemented? What is the measure? What is the cost effectivity?
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