ROJ’s TPOR: How hospitals should manage PEPs and their associated risks?

ROJ’s TPOR: How hospitals should manage PEPs and their associated risks?

What if a politically exposed person (PEP) seeks emergency admission to your hospital?  How do you manage the PEP and the associated risks?

PEP is an abbreviation for Politically Exposed Person, a term that describes a person who has been entrusted with a prominent public function.  

Hospital’s risk management issues commonly associated with PEP:

1.       PEP’s rights as a patient

2.       Public perception of hospital’s coddling a PEP

For risk 1, the hospital should protect the patient’s rights in terms of admission, treatment, privacy, confidentiality, and security.

For risk 2, the hospital has to get the PEP to agree to allow the hospital to invite third party physicians to come in to understand and agree with the bases of the diagnosis and prognosis of the attending physicians of the PEP.  The third party physicians can come from the government agencies like the Department of Health and /or from the Philippine Medical Association and its affiliate societies. 

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