ROJ’s TPOR on Corona’s May 22, 2012 Behavior and an Aftermath Relevant to Hospital Administration

ROJ’s TPOR on Corona’s May 22, 2012 Behavior and an Aftermath Relevant to Hospital Administration 

May 22, 2012, at about 2:00 pm, I dropped by the canteen to have a bowl of “lomi.” While there, I got hooked in watching Corona’s impeachment trial in the canteen’s wide-screen TV.

Malou, owner of the canteen, and I were exchanging our thoughts and perceptions while watching.  I told Malou, with his opening statement, Corona was trying to get public sympathy.  He was not following the usual court proceedings.  He was actually making a “state of the nation” address.   He was taking the opportunity to accuse and bad-mouth his enemies including his in-laws.  I was sad to see what he was doing, unprofessional and unworthy of being the Chief Justice.  I felt sorry for him.

Malou and I were predicting a walk-out.  Hian was with me at the canteen for a short while.  When he was about to leave the canteen for a meeting at about 3 pm, I told him I would stay as I was interested to see what would happen after Corona’s opening statement.  I thought his opening statement would end soon.  However, it did not.  At quarter to 4 pm, I had to leave the canteen to attend to my patients.

At 6:30 pm, after I was done with my clinic, my secretary told me that Corona walked out.  My hunch was correct afterall.

When I was driving home, I listened to the radio.  I got into Radio 5 hosted by Cheryl Cosim.  That was around 7:15 pm.  At that time, the reporters were saying that they lost following Corona in Jupiter, Makati.  Their guess at that time was that he might go to either Makati Medical Center or St. Luke’s Global City.  They did not know where he was heading to.  When I heard this, I was hoping he would not go to Manila Doctors Hospital (as the Supreme Court is near MDH).   I was predicting his move to seek “asylum” in a hospital to avoid testifying further in the impeachment court.   I was thinking that whichever hospital he would go to and be accepted, that hospital would be forced to “coddle” him, even if it doesn’t want to.  The challenges of the hospital and its doctors in such a situation are usually on truth telling; code of medical ethics observance; patient’s information confidentiality; etc.    They are caught between the patient and the authorities.

At about 7:45 pm, when I learned he had gone to The Medical City, I breathed a sigh of relief.  The burden was on The Medical City.

At home, at about 9 pm, I watched through the Internet the portion of the proceedings where  Corona said, “And now, the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused.”   For me, he really walked out.   It was premeditated to avoid a cross-examination.

May 23, 2012, 7 pm, I saw an email with the title: “St. Luke’s defense.”  This was lifted from the online survey of GMA on Corona’s sudden exit.

Here is the text on “St. Luke’s Defense.”

From FOX, who points out that there is a loophole in Corona’s health-related excuse for exit:

   if indeed he was not feeling well, he could just have instructed his lawyers to ask for a continuance. If nahihilo and he was not thinking correctly, the right thing to do is to let your lawyers come to your rescue.

Au contraire, iba ang nangyari. He declared: AND NOW, THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES WISHES TO BE EXCUSED sabay tayo at labas sa session hall. Nung inutusan ni JPE na i lockdown ang senado at hinarangan ng senate sgt. at arms si corona, dun na nagsimula ang drama and here comes the st luke’s defense.

Don’t need either your medical enlightenment or your socratic emphaty. Know what? if we kill all the doctors in the Philippines, then all our corrupt officials are already behind bars now. Alam mo ba implications nun?

Sa pinas lang nangyayari yan because we allow such prolifiration of st. luke’s defense. I think it’s time we put a stop to this bruhaha and order Corona to go to the senate session hall even with all those tubes, oxygen tank, ECG’s attached to his body with all his doctors right at his back and force him to answer the questions that the prosecutors and senator judges wanted to ask him.

Ang tapang tapang ng mga pronouncements nya. HAHARAPIN KO ANG MGA NAG-AAKUSA SA AKIN… but in the end, bahag din pala ang buntot nya. He’s giving every batang a bad name with the way he hides himself behind his doctors.

If he is not physically fit to stand trial then the more reason why he should just have resigned as Chief Justice of the suprenme court. Not because he is accused of wrong doings but because he is not physicallly fit to work and do his job as a chief justice.

What’s your say?

— TJD, GMA News



“ St. Luke’s Defense” – this is bad for the reputation of St. Luke’s Medical Center.   This may affect all hospitals in the Philippines.

Will The Medical City follow suit?  Let’s wait and see.

My opinions and recommendations for hospital administrators:

Be prepared for situations like those of GMA and CJ and prevent your hospital from being criticized doing a St. Luke’s Defense or “coddling” of patients who are trying to avoid the authorities.

Include this as part of the risk management program of your hospital.


May 23, 2012

10:30 pm


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