Definitions of Business Continuity

Hospital Safety Promotion & Disaster Preparedness

Definitions of Business Continuity

Business Continuity or BC aims to safeguard the interests of an organization and its key stakeholders by protecting its critical business functions (CBFs) against predetermined disruptions.

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute – BCM Institute)
BC – Strategic and tactical capability of the organization to plan for and respond to incidents and business disruptions in order to continue business operations at an acceptable pre-defined level.

(Source: British Standard BS25999-1:2006 Code of Practice for Business Continuity Management)


BC –an ongoing process supported by senior management and adequately funded to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to identify the impact of potential losses and maintain viable recovery strategies and recovery plans for the continuity of services and operations, or continuity of government, following a disruptive event.

(Source: Canadian Standard CSA Z1 600-08 Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs)


*Will await the definition of ISO…

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