Social Vision of Manila Doctors Hospital

Social Vision of Manila Doctors Hospital

by Reynaldo O Josonon Friday, March 2, 2012 at 12:27am ·

Last February 16, 2012, Manila Doctors Hospital launched its Social Vision.  MDH holds the distinction to be the first private hospital in the Philippines to have a Social Vision.  As far as I know, MDH is also the only private hospital with a mission statement on pursuing corporate social responsibility programs.


The prime mover for the Social Vision is Mr. Aniceto Sobrepeña, President of the Metrobank Foundation, Inc.


I am very proud to be part of Manila Doctors Hospital because of this sense and commitment of corporate social responsibility!


Plaque of MDH Business Vision and Social Vision in MDH lobby.


MDH Social Vision




We are a health institution providing holistic care that exceeds industry standards and that anticipates and responds to the needs of the patients, their families and relevant communities.



Driven by our determination to make healthcare accessible to the marginalized and the underserved, we consider it our ardent commitment to provide service that is guided by ethical standards and improve the healthcare delivery system with pronounced social impact. These establish Manila Doctors Hospital as a vital partner of the Department of Health, local government units and other like-minded institutions in empowering the communities and the public we serve to sustain health and wellness.



We are engaged in heightening the consciousness and the participation of the public in targeted health and environment issues in the global community.



Participants in the MDH CSR Forum.


Dr. Reynaldo O. Joson, SVP-Corporate Affairs, giving the closing remarks. See text of closing remarks in another post.


Dr. Reynaldo Joson giving the closing remarks and enticing the audience to join the advocacy for corporate social responsibility.


Audience standing-up for CSR as a result of ROJoson’s invitation.

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