ROJoson’s Closing Remarks – 1st MDH Corporate Social Responsibility Forum – February 16, 2012

ROJoson’s Closing Remarks – 1st MDH Corporate Social Responsibility Forum – February 16, 2012

by Reynaldo O Josonon Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 10:58pm ·


Closing Remarks

1st MDH Corporate Social Responsibility Forum

February 16, 2012


Reynaldo O. Joson, MD

SVP-Corporate Affairs


Greetings and Salutations!


It is my honor to be with you for the close of the 1st Corporate Social Responsibility Forum of Manila Doctors Hospital.


Let me also say, that it is truly a privilege to have all of you in this Forum.


During the past 3 hours, the staff of Manila Doctors Hospital have shared with you the following:

  • The MDH CSR Program Design and Development Framework
  • The 2 in-house MDH CSR Projects, namely: Multidisciplinary Care of Patients with Cleft Deformities and MDH Recyclables Program.
  • The 3 external or community CSR Projects, namely: MDH Dental Program in the MDH Adopted Community; MDH Community Health Program; and MDH Disaster Response Program for the Community.
  • MDH Social Vision
  • MDH CSR Accomplishment Report

These presentations demonstrate the long-lasting and unwavering commitment of MDH to corporate social responsibility not only as a mission but now also as a vision.   MDH has been pursuing corporate social responsibility programs since 1979 when the Metrobank Foundation took over its management.  MDH has made known to the public its commitment to corporate social responsibility, initially, in its mission statement starting 1999 when it made a pledge “To our community: We provide social and community oriented programs for the underprivileged and underserved.”  Up to now, 2012, the mission statements, which have undergone several revisions since 1999, still contain the statement: ‘”To pursue corporate social responsibility programs.”


Today, MDH’s commitment to corporate social responsibility reaches its zenith of intensity by adding a social vision to the conventional organizational vision.  With the promulgation of MDH Social Vision, social responsibility is now a proactive mind-set that will be incorporated across all levels of planning, execution, and stakeholder interaction.  The MDH Social Vision will now serve as a guide in the development of community or social strategies of MDH in consideration of the hospital’s obligations to society, environment, and ethics.


In more specific terms, from hereon, MDH will be more proactive in anticipating and responding to the needs of the patients, families, and relevant communities, not only during strategic and annual planning but also on a day-to-day basis.


MDH will be more proactive in making healthcare accessible to the marginalized and underserved.


MDH will improve the health care delivery system with pronounced social impact, with priority in its catchment communities.


Lastly, MDH will heighten the consciousness and participation of the public in targeted health and environment issues in the global community.


Ladies and gentlemen,


You have graced us with your presence here at the MDH Corporate Social Responsibility Forum.


I hope you have enjoyed the presentations and find them useful.


I also hope you will go away better informed of a corporate social responsibility program in a hospital setting as illustrated by the experiences of MDH.


I also hope you will go home inspired to renew your efforts to incorporate the principles and methodology of corporate social responsibility you pick up in today’s Forum in your respective hospitals and workplaces.


Before I end, in behalf of the MDH top management, I like to enjoin all of us present in this hall to join hands in advocating corporate social responsibility in the Philippines.  If you don’t mind, as a manifestation of interest, may I ask those interested to join the advocacy partnership to please stand up.


We look forward to continued interaction with you after today’s forum. Please feel free to communicate with us if you need more clarification, guidance, assistance and also in developing the partnership.


Thank you.


A pleasant day to all.




Participants standing up for CSR.





Feedback from Dindi Hogar (Feb. 17, 2012): Dear Dr.Joson,

Thank you for sharing your closing remarks for the 1st MDH CSR Forum.

Reading your Closing Remarks makes it much better than just hearing it. These thoughts makes an individual ref…lect and review commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. This is beyond documenting something but real practicing the very core of CSR; how we interact with the rest of our brethren, esp. the least of our brethren.

May I convey the thoughts of my seatmates during the forum, the gentleman from Toronto, Mr. Joey Bermudez (Maybridge Asia Inc), and the gentleman from AJA Registrars,Inc., Mr Paul Bagatsing, ” we were deeply touched by the gesture of ‘standing-up for CSR'”. At least from our table, this gesture had been our real re-commitment to CSR.

Thank you, Dr. Joson, for sharing. Godspeed.

February 17 at 8:07am ·

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