Definition and Concept of Social Vision

Definition and Concept of Social Vision

by Reynaldo O Josonon Friday, March 2, 2012 at 12:46am ·

Definition of Social Vision


A “Social Vision” is a statement that serves as a guide to the development of community or social strategies of a company.  Similar to a business vision, the social vision provides direction for a company’s strategies and goals.


Social vision is not a goal statement but a statement of what the company would be known for in all its social interventions.  Social vision statements could then be said as reputational targets – how your public perceives your company based on what you do for or in society.


According to Dr. Edmund Burke, Director Emeritus of the “The Center for Corporate Citizenship” at Boston College, a social vision is a statement of the company core operating values and the benefits it wants to make to society as it goes about carrying out its business goals and objectives.  It complements a company’s business vision.


The characteristics of a social vision


1. A social vision is a statement about the company’s social, environmental, and ethical obligations to communities and societies.

2. The CEO is the driving force for developing and managing the social vision.

3. A social vision needs to be explicit—repeatedly explicit.

4. Consistency is equally as important as explicitness.

5. A social vision should be global in scope.

6. A social vision should be individually tailored to a company.

7. A social vision is a management responsibility.




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